Long Term Rentals

Long Term Rentals

Long Term Property Rental Management Services

Serving Charleston County, Berkeley

County and Dorchester County

A high-quality real estate company doesn’t stop serving you after you purchase a property. After we find a perfect investment property for you, our mission is to continue to provide you all the necessary property management services for you to be successful.

As an investment property owner, you probably don’t have endless time or resources to market, maintain, and find quality tenants. Since it isn’t your full-time job to manage the day-to-day operations to rent your property, finding a property management company who cares as much about your home as you do, is essential. And if you bought a property that is far removed from where you live, checking in regularly to ensure that things are maintained and being taken care of properly simply isn’t feasible.

That is what we are here for. We take the guesswork out of managing your investment so that it can be a highly profitable and safe one.

Partner with Sea Turtle Property Management in Charleston SC

You can trust our team to manage your investment property with the utmost professionalism and expertise. We care as much about your bottom line as you do. And, therefore, we seek to minimize the potential risks that can come with renting. We also have the resources available to keep your property in top shape and to retain both its equity and its rentability to the highest clientele.

We have a team of professionals and contractors who work diligently to ensure that all aspects of your rental from marketing to repairs are done to perfection.

And without any hassles on your end, when you hire Sea Turtle Property Management, you don’t have to spend endless hours working through the complexities of owning and operating a rental; it becomes our job. You can sit back and relax, knowing that things are well taken care of and that someone is looking out for your best interests.

Excellent Service With

an Affordable Price

When you hire the team of Sea Turtle Property Management, you can rest assured knowing that your property is in the best hands possible. We provide the most comprehensive services to reduce high-risk tenants and ensure that your vacancy rate remains low. Each of our renters is hand-chosen based on many factors, including a full credit report examination and a background check.

We also perform an exhaustive search to ensure that there aren’t any hidden surprises.

But we also understand that you don’t have an endless budget to hire someone to care for your investment property. The good news is that our service is not nearly as costly as you would expect. In fact, the money that you will save in maintenance, risk reduction, and marketing is far greater than our management cost. It doesn’t make sense to stress over your rental property, jeopardize your equity, or to pay the price to market for and vet tenants, when you don’t have to.

Hire us to manage the crux of the work so you can avoid the headaches and ensure that you made the best investment from purchasing to renting, possible.