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If you are looking for the best short term and corporate rental real estate and management company in the Charleston, SC area, look no further! Our team is the leading short term and corporate rental agency available.

Short Term Rentals are in

High Demand in Charleston, SC

The demand for short term rentals in Charleston, SC continues to climb.

Charleston remains one of the most booming cities in the nation because it is a tourist’s favorite hot spot! Those who choose to invest in a rental property will find a wealth of income, but only if they understand how short term rentals work, know how to market them, and have the resources necessary to maintain them.

People traveling for vacation find short term rentals preferable to hotels for many reasons, chief among them their homey and private feel!

Another advantage that short term rental homes offer is the affordability that they provide. When vacationers choose to rent a home, they don’t have the same crowded feel or fast-paced nature that comes with a hotel. A private home is an excellent place to build memories that are more intimate, less cumbersome, and more serene, which are the highlights that we showcase.

But, Short Term Rentals Come With

Many Management Hurdles

Managing a corporate or short term rental property can come with some significant hurdles. Without the right management and resources, maintaining a steady flow of vacationers is not easy.

It takes a sound marketing team with specific industry knowledge to reduce vacancy rates and to provide the best rental income. Our team of specialists pours a lot of expertise and marketing dollars into making your home look good. And that translates into higher rent values and more frequency of rentals for you.

It isn’t just about renting a short term vacation house; if it isn’t well maintained, you are losing equity. And your home will lose its attractiveness. That is why having someone be your eyes and ears when you can’t is integral to protect your investment. Things like pool maintenance, guest check-ins, and outs, preparing financial statements and post-rental inspections are among the most important services we provide. We help to take the stress and guesswork out of renting your property and keeping it in as good of shape as you would!

It might sound very expensive to hire a property management group, such as ours, for your maintenance and rental needs.

But not maintaining your property or letting it sit idle for weeks at a time is much more costly! Our mission is to provide each client with the highest quality service to keep their properties in top shape.

And also, we strive to maintain the highest occupancy rate and reduce the risk of unnecessary hassles that can take a significant chunk out of any profits realized. Contact us today to see how we can make your short term rental a success and also, increase your investment’s bottom line, while keeping your home safe and well maintained.