Tabitha Gautney

Tabitha Gautney

– Agent

Tabitha was born and raised in Western Washington. She has been married to the love of her life for over 20 years and they have 2 wonderful boys.

In 2010 she and her family moved to Summerville, SC for her husband’s job at Boeing. She worked for a small aerospace company for 11 years prior to deciding to be a stay at home Mom in 2011 while her boys were still young. Now that they are older, she has decided that it’s her time to get back into the workforce.

Though she has just begun her journey as a Real Estate agent, she is no stranger to the Real Estate world as her father has been a builder and contractor for a majority of her life.

As someone who has moved cross country, all while her home was still on the market in Washington state and unsure exactly what part of the Charleston area to plant her roots, she understands how stressful the buying, selling and moving process can be

Tabitha’s mission as an agent is to work hard at keeping her customers and clients stress levels down during the process of meeting their Real Estate needs.