Technology & Marketing

Technology and Marketing

The goal of our property management team is to provide you with the most efficient and effective management services available. That is why we have invested in the latest and most advanced marketing software in the industry to ensure that your investment property never sits vacant, missing out on rental income.

More effective ways to market your investment property to reduce vacancy rates.

Team quickly markets vacancies online by posting to our website along with hundreds of other rental listing sites. And we provide applicants ease of use, allowing them to apply for tenancy directly from their smartphone or mobile device.

Setting the correct rental price for market conditions

The key to low vacancy rates is finding the right rental price point. Our built-in rental comparison calculator provides real-time and highly accurate rental prices according to geographic locations. That allows our team to maximize your investment revenue, while at the same time, fill our rental properties quickly.

Screen potential tenants.

Because finding quality tenants is the cornerstone of keeping your rental property in good condition, our process helps to screen potential renters. It includes both a credit and standard background check to reduce rental risks. But the screening process is also highly efficient and can be completed within minutes, which enables us to find qualified tenants at a rapid rate.

Fast and secure payment.

Our property management team can deposit funds automatically to your bank account. That means no waiting for a check to arrive in the mail, only to wait additional time for it to be deposited!

On-Demand statement access.

Our owners can view their statements securely using an online Owner’s Portal, which helps to improve accuracy, and it is also eco-friendly. The statements provided are a quick synopsis of the property details and accounting for the past month. And if requested, we can also offer additional reports and maintenance invoices, for all of your accounting needs.

Maintenance issues handled immediately.

The electronic work orders we use, and additional communication capabilities, help to identify maintenance issues immediately. And they also work well with vendors to resolve issues quickly. We can also email a copy of all work orders and other relevant information at your request. That way, you receive real-time updates without a hassle.